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Stone Steps

Standard Concrete

Standard concrete (a broom or trowel finish) is more durable and requires less maintenance than other materials such as an asphalt driveway, brick paver sidewalk, or wood porch. We specialize in driveways, patios, and sidewalks in both broom or trowel finish in addition to dyed, stained, and stamped concrete finishes.



Checkerboard Broom Finish

A checkerboard broom finish can increase the aesthetic appeal without significantly impacting your budget. This finish shows different shades of the concrete to mimic a checkerboard when exposed to sunlight.


Broom Finish w/ Live Edge

This patio is still a broom finish but has a live, rounded edge along the outer patio.   Again, this makes your project look aesthetically more pleasing than your average boxed patio.

stamped concrete patio with live edge


Stained Concrete + Broom Finish + Plank Border

The sky is the limit when it comes to concrete options! Here at Clean Concrete Design, we love to mix things up and do things that most homeowners wouldn't have.  Here we have a broom finish driveway that's been stained black.   We also added a wood plank border to help make it pop!


Float or Swirl Finish

It's all in the wrist! Swirl finish is one of the most exceptional types of concrete finish that is generated by smearing the concrete surface in a uniformly overlapping circular pattern. It provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the concrete surface and complements the structure.

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